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These qualifications are focused on HVAC and control systems. With respect to the commissioning of electrical and other systems, the CxA may or may not have the expertise on staff but will often team with other professionals to address all systems being commissioned. Below are the qualifications a building owner should look for in a CxA:

  • Experience in the testing, design, specification, or installation of commercial building mechanical and control systems and other systems being commissioned.
  • Experience working with project teams, project management and conducting scoping meetings; good team-building skills; strong communication skills, especially documentation.
  • Experience commissioning at least two projects of similar size and of similar equipment to the current project. This experience should include writing functional performance test plans and assembling a complete commissioning plan.
  • Direct responsibility for project management of at least two commercial construction or installation projects with mechanical costs greater than or equal to current project costs.
  • Experience in design installation and/or troubleshooting of direct digital controls and energy management systems, if applicable.
  • Demonstrated familiarity with metering and monitoring procedures.
  • Knowledge and familiarity with air and water testing and balancing.
  • Experience in planning and delivering O&M training.