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ACG Cx Certification

Founded in 2004, the AABC Commissioning Group (ACG) is a non-profit association of certified commissioning authorities (CxA) dedicated to providing professional, independent commissioning services.

The Commissioning Authority (CxA) is the leader of the commissioning team and is responsible for planning, organizing, and facilitating the completion of the commissioning process on behalf of the owner. In addition to having good technical knowledge of the systems being commissioned, the CxA must also have a complete understanding of the commissioning process (as outlined in the ACG Commissioning Guideline) and possess the organizational, documentation, communication, and team-building skills that are necessary to lead and coordinate an effective commissioning team and to ensure that the intent of the building owner is achieved.

Membership and certification in ACG is open to professional engineers (P.E.s), licensed architects, and others with demonstrated commissioning experience, who work for qualified, independent commissioning companies. To qualify as independent, companies cannot have any affiliation with general or installing contractors, manufacturers of systems or equipment, or other entities that present significant potential conflicts of interest in providing unbiased commissioning services.