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ACG offers certification and continuing education opportunities for qualified independent commissioning providers through CxA Workshops and Commissioning Webinars.

CxA Workshop and Exam

The 12-hour CxA Workshop includes discussion of the commissioning process as described in the ACG Commissioning Guideline, as well as valuable practical insight on skills, strategies, and communication and documentation protocols essential to applying the process on "real world" projects. This highly interactive workshop includes many small-group breakout activities, where attendees will use project case studies to develop and discuss samples of key commissioning deliverables.  The workshop is followed by the ACG certification exam, which is administered to approved candidates at the conclusion of the workshop.

Commissioning Webinar

The Commissioning Webinar is a condensed version of the CxA Workshop, presented live via conference call and online meeting connection. The 2 1/2 hour Webinar is a convenient option for those unable to travel to an in-person Workshop or who require less instruction. It is also a cost-effective choice for companies who would like a group of employees (whether certification candidates or not) to benefit from instruction in the commissioning process.

AIA-Approved Continuing Education

Each offering of the ACG Commissioning Workshop and Webinar is AIA-approved for continuing education learning units. The Commissioning Workshop counts as 12 LU/HSW/SD Hours, and the Commissioning Webinar counts as 2.5 LU/HSW/SD Hours. All attendees will receive a certificate verifying learning units after completion of the Workshop/Webinar.

Note: The instructional portion of the CxA Workshop, and the Webinars, are open for all to attend. 

Upcoming Workshops

**Newly Expanded, 2-day workshop!**

April 23-24, 2018

In conjunction with CxEnergy 2018

Las Vegas, NV

Download the registration form and send it to

(Anyone may attend the workshop, but to take the Certification exam, your application must be submitted and approved, 21 days prior to the Workshop and Exam.)

Upcoming Webinars

None at this time.