ACG - The AABC Commissioning Group
The Nation's Leading Association of Certified Commissioning Authorities
Membership & Certification:

Membership and certification are open to independent commissioning companies that meet the requirements for membership and have a least (1) one individual pass the ACG Certified Commissioning Authority (CxA) exam. The applying company must submit a completed company membership application and at least (1) one CxA application, and the ACG Examining Board will evaluate the applications for acceptance.

Upon approval of the application, the company’s designated individual will be permitted to take the CxA certification exam at the next available offering of a Workshop, or alternatively the candidate can take the exam at a local testing center in the ACG network. If the candidate passes the examination, the company will be invoiced for annual dues for the current the year ($1,500). 

Upon receipt of the company's annual dues, the individual is granted certification as an ACG Certified Commissioning Authority (CxA). Certification is issued in the name of the company and designated individual, who must be a registered engineer, licensed architect, or certified test and balance engineer, or have demonstrated sufficient commissioning experience to qualify. 

Associate Membership is available to individuals who subscribe to the goals and objectives of ACG, but are not actively engaged in providing services as a commissioning authority. Associate membership does not require or imply ACG Certification.

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