Membership & Certification

Membership Requirements

Membership Requirements

Company Member Requirements

The applying company must qualify as an independent commissioning firm. To qualify as independent, a commissioning company must have no affiliation with manufacturers of equipment or system components, general or installing contractors, or any other person or company which could affect the ability of the member to render an independent commissioning report. The applying company agrees to perform work in accordance with the ACG Commissioning Guideline, and to abide by the bylaws of the organization.

The company must employ at least one individual who meets the prerequisites for certification as an ACG Certified Commissioning Authority (CxA).

The applying company shall file a completed application for membership. The ACG Member Company Application should be accompanied by at least one CxA Application.

If you are currently certified as a Certified Commissioning Authority, and would like your new company to join as an ACG Member, you will need to submit the ACG Member Company Application form along with your CxA Reverification application.

For more information about certification, please refer to the CxA Candidate Handbook.

The applicant must submit all required documentation, pay all dues and fees to ACG Headquarters, and meet all requirements of membership, before membership will be granted. All membership applications are subject to review and approval by the ACG Board of Directors.

Branch Membership Requirements

Branch membership is open to companies looking to expand their visibility and network within the commissioning industry across multiple locations. This option is ideal for businesses operating in various regions or with multiple offices, as it allows them to showcase their presence in each relevant location, thereby increasing potential business opportunities.

  • Ensure your company is already a member of ACG
  • Verify that there is a designated Certified CxA at the location
  • Apply for the branch membership

Click here to download a Branch Office Application.

Associate Member Requirements

Associate member status is available to those with an interest in advancing the commissioning industry, but are not actively engaged in providing services as a commissioning authority. This can include vendors providing products and services to the industry, building owners, and facility managers. Applicants for associate member status are not required to meet the prerequisites needed for certification by ACG.

Associate members must identify as such, and may not represent themselves as certified members of ACG. The applicant must submit a completed application.

Click here to download an application for Associate Membership.