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TAB and Functional Performance Testing

TAB and Functional Performance Testing

Testing and balancing (TAB) is an integral part of the commissioning process. It is therefore recommended that an independent third party be retained to perform testing and balancing services on commissioning projects.

Functional performance testing (FPT) of equipment and systems is at the heart of the commissioning process. Equipment operation during the tests is performed by the appropriate contractor or equipment manufacturer, but the responsibility for directing, witnessing, and documenting the tests rests with the commissioning authority.

The CxA may delegate that responsibility to an independent third party with field experience in the testing and analysis of equipment and systems, who becomes part of the commissioning team. This arrangement is especially desirable when the commissioning authority does not have significant experience and expertise with field testing of the equipment and systems to be commissioned.

AABC certified test and balance engineers (TBEs) by definition are independent and possess the technical expertise to carry out both functional performance testing and TAB.