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CxT Certification Program

CxT Certification Program

In addition to the Certified Commissioning Authority (CxA), ACG has developed a second-tier certification, the Certified Commissioning Technician (CxT), for those who do not yet possess the management and technical experience to qualify for the CxA.

CxT candidates must work for an ACG member company, under the supervision of a CxA. Additional prerequisites for CxT certification include a minimum of two years field testing experience, at least 6 months working for the ACG member company at which the candidate is presently employed, and endorsement by a CxA at that company. In addition, candidates must attend an ACG workshop or webinar prior to becoming certified.

The CxT exam is a 3-hour, closed-book, 102 multiple-choice question examination based on material in the ACG Commissioning Guideline and the CxT Study Guide. The test is available through ACG’s network of testing centers across the country.

Please note: all certification candidates must complete and submit a CxT application with all supporting materials and meet the prerequisites before they will be entered into the system to schedule their exam.

Click here to download an application for CxT Certification.

To download the CxT Study Guide, click here.