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Why CxAs Should Be EMP Certified

The Energy Management Professional (EMP) Certification was first created by a group of ACG members who were experts in both commissioning and energy management and analysis. Responding to industry trends, these experts decided there needed to be a new energy credential, and eventually a new organization to support them. As a certified CxA, you are eligible to apply for the Energy Management Professional (EMP) certification under track 0 for the energy management education/experience requirements.

The Energy Management Professional (EMP) certification was developed to meet and exceed the energy management standards and needs of today, demonstrating your qualifications, experience and knowledge of energy issues to clients and others. EMA’s certification holds a unique value: it is accredited by ANAB, recognized by the DOE’s Better Buildings® Program in the Building Energy Manager category and provides a commissioning-based approach to energy management that similar certifications do not offer.