ACG is proud to support the AABC Virtual Annual Meeting, which is open to ACG and EMA members complimentary. With the move to a virtual conference this year, for the first time ever the AABC technical program is accessible to anyone in the industry through a series of test and balance webinars! Contact ACG Headquarters ([email protected]) for your promo code.

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This series of technical presentations from industry experts showcases practical information that will help commissioning providers, engineers, and of course TAB professionals understand key equipment/system-, process- and project-level aspects of HVAC testing that will help delivery better results on behalf of the building owner.

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Presentations featuring ACG members:


October 22

Field Analysis of HVAC Systems’ Ability to Mitigate COVID-19 Transmission (panel discussion)
Wade Conlan, P.E., CxA, Hanson Professional Services
Justin Garner, P.E., TBE, CxA, Engineered Air Balance Co., Inc.
Troy Byers, P.E., TBE, CxA, Palmetto Air & Water Balance Inc.

This session will explore the system analysis in the field, from the perspective of three members of the ASHRAE Epidemic Task Force’s Building Readiness Team. The intent will be to review not only the approach to the review of the existing systems and how to best check the current operation but also to review how they can be improved to reduce the risk of transmission for the systems. The implementation of increased ventilation, improved filtration, adding air cleaning devices, potential re-entrainment and to identify failure points in the system. The concepts will be looked at from the commissioning and TAB perspective


October 28

Case Studies: Commissioning and Test & Balance Collaboration
(Army Reserve Center & Medical Office Bldg/Clinic)
Todd Yates, P.E., TBE, CxA, Synergy Test & Balance

We examine two projects where the Commissioning Provider and TAB Contractor demonstrate coordination of system design and installation review, scheduling of related activities, and delivery of final reports.  The entire project team, including the owner, benefit from effective coordination of the Commissioning and TAB processes, by way of greater efficiency in the completion of site activities and delivery of documented functionality of systems.


November 4

Effects of Temperature Change on Building Static Pressure Measurement
Robin Rader, P.E., CxA, Design Alaska

Do you provide commissioning or testing on tall buildings, or any multi-story building in a cold place? If so you should be aware of how these conditions affect static pressure measurements. The author of an ASHRAE Journal article on the subject leads this session to explain the effects of cold weather (temperature change) on building static pressure measurement when the indoor and outdoor references at two different elevations. If not addressed, this effect has the potential of over a 100% reading error.


November 5

Hospital Air Balancing Planning & Coordination Case Studies
Rebecca Ellis, P.E., CxA, Questions & Solutions Engineering
Miles Ryan, Questions & Solutions Engineering
Molly Meyer, Questions & Solutions Engineering

The required sophistication of air systems in a healthcare setting and the process of working in existing hospitals present many obstacles to the TAB process. The case studies presented highlight how to anticipate such obstacles as well as clearly outline the constraints the team must work with to achieve success.