Brent Grimm, PE, and Jane Guyer, PE, CxA, ETC Group published “Persistent Energy Efficiency in Buildings” in Facility Executive, June 2021.

This article explores effective ways of using a monitoring-based commissioning (MBCx) program along with HVAC analytics to create and maintain a high-performing building. The content is derived from over 6 years of successful deployment and operation of MBCx programs in diverse industry sectors. We will first discuss why a robust program is needed to maintain building performance, and what pieces of the organizational structure will need to be in place to implement a successful program. We will also discuss best practices in leveraging MBCx services with modern data analytics software to address not only energy efficiency, but compliance and occupant comfort.

In order to maintain high-level building performance you have achieved through commissioning, you need a comprehensive, long-term program in place. Before acquiring advanced analytics, a solid organizational structure must be thought out. You want the key players in correct positions to ensure workorders developed from the analytics turn into real-life energy savings. Picking an analytics platform that will fit the needs of your company is crucial ensuring it can monitor all aspects of building performance.

The information in this article was originally presented at CxEnergy in May 2021, #1 event in commissioning, TAB, and energy management. Save the Date for CxEnergy 2022 on April 19-21 in Orlando, FL.

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