Join Josh Green, TBE, AABC Board Member, Environmental Test & Balance Co., as he presents facility condition assessments using commissioning (Cx), energy, and TAB strategies. Green will provide an overview of a comprehensive facility assessment approach, along with strategies employed by commissioning consultants, energy managers, and TAB engineers used to evaluate and develop recommendations for improving building systems.

Who Should Attend?

  • Energy Managers
  • Commissioning Providers
  • Building Owners & Facility Managers
  • O&M Managers
  • MEP Engineers
  • HVAC Testing Professionals
  • Architects
  • Other Building Professionals

Learning Objectives

  • The approach and key components in developing facilities’ condition assessments associated with buildings’ mechanical / electrical systems.
  • Integrating facility assessments and associated budgeting with owners’ strategic energy, sustainability and resiliency goals.
  • Creating priorities for project implementation based upon weighted factors from the assessments and goals.
  • Measurement and verification strategies in assessing the effectiveness of projects, with respect to improvement in the building stock and advancement of various energy and sustainability goals.


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