EMA, ENERGY STAR Cohosting Webinar: State and Local Energy Policies: Trends in Energy Benchmarking and Disclosure


The Energy Management Association is an affiliated organization with ACG.

The trend continues for state and local governments to require commercial building owners to benchmark their buildings using ENERGY STAR’s Portfolio Manager, and to submit the results for public disclosure. These disclosure laws are driving demand for both benchmarking services as well as efficiency projects to help building owners improve upon the performance levels revealed through benchmarking. In some jurisdictions, requirements include regular energy audits or retro-commissioning for buildings that aren’t certified or don’t achieve a certain score. Commissioning and energy services providers can take advantage of this trend by understanding which localities have disclosure ordinances, what the reporting deadlines are, and by offering timely services to support compliance and improvement of scores. This webinar will provide viewers with the resources to identify disclosure laws by location, type and requirements.

Webinar Title: State and Local Energy Policies:  Trends in Energy Benchmarking and Disclosure

Sponsors: EMA, U.S. Environmental Protection Agency | ENERGY STAR Program

When: August 29, 2019, 12:30 PM Eastern / 11:30 AM Central / 10:30 AM Mountain / 9:30 AM Pacific

Duration: One hour

Registration Link: https://bit.ly/2YeCRky

Presenters: Brendan Hall, Program Manager, ENERGY STAR; Edward Armstrong, Executive Director, EMA

Learning Objectives:

 Understanding the trend toward energy transparency through state and local government policies

  • Knowing the role of ENERGY STAR’s Portfolio Manager in government policies in order to support compliance
  • Identifying ordinances that incorporate requirements for improvements and how those laws are structured
  • Understanding the business opportunity that benchmarking laws present for engineering and architecture firms

Continuing Education Credits: AIA 1 LU

Cost: Free

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