Newly Certified CxAs who joined us in May – June

Please join us in celebrating the newly certified CxAs who joined ACG in May – June!


The CxA program recognizes independent building commissioning professionals who demonstrate the technical, management, and communications skills required for competent performance. ACG’s CxA certification is available to industry professionals who lead, plan, coordinate and manage commissioning teams to implement commissioning processes in new and existing buildings. Let’s congratulate the newly certified CxAs!

Ali Mahmood, CxA, RS&H, Inc.

Alex Casey, CxA, WSP

Donald Harris, CxA, CxA Services, LLC

Sean McTeer, CxA, 3QC

Christopher Gorrell, CxA, Procon Consulting, LLC

Christopher Gorrell, CxA, Campos Engineering Inc.

Alec Zobal, CxA, Campos Engineering Inc.

Interested in Certification?

The scope of the CxA program is aligned with the certification scheme for commissioning professionals developed by the U.S. Department of Energy’s Better Buildings program, which was evaluated and and then adopted by the ACG Certification Council.