Correct Setup of VAV System

Learn Correct Setup and Balancing of a VAV Air System From an ACG Member


ACG Member Explains How to Correctly Setup and Balance a VAV Air-Handling System

ACG member, Vern Gray, TBE, CxA, explains how to properly set-up and test VAV air-handling systems. Vern walks through setup, proper balancing to troubleshooting techniques for optimal system performance. In Vern’s 16+ years of experience in TAB and commissioning, he’s seen many VAV systems setup incorrectly. This leads to energy waste and/or failure to maintain the project required outside air ventilation requirement.

By following Vern’s steps in the article, one can properly setup and balance a VAV system. It’s not rocket science, but it does require the TAB technician to follow systematic protocol until all components are operating as intended.

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The article was originally published in TAB Journal and was republished in February 2021 on the Engineered Systems news website.




Vern Gray, TBE, CxA, is a field director with The Phoenix Agency Inc. He is both a certified Commissioning Authority (CxA) and a certified Test and Balance Engineer (TBE) with more than a decade of testing and balancing (TAB) experience. Gray’s responsibilities include design review, technical support, training and supervision of field personnel, and managing a variety of commissioning projects.