What’s New with Commissioning

Eric McEwen, CxA, EMP, TLC Engineering Solutions presents an article “What’s New with Commissioning” with HCVAC/P magazine.

Commissioning has evolved from an unofficial onsite quality assurance activity to a formally documented code-required process. Although the premise of commissioning hasn’t changed, the scope has morphed over the years.

The word is out that the commissioning process can help in many aspects. For instance, improved occupant comfort as a result of thorough testing of systems and assistance with training operations and maintenance staff. Commissioning also helps to maintain the construction schedule by catching items early before they cause further problems. Most building construction schedules’ critical path is lead times on major equipment such as chillers, air handlers, switchgear and generators. Owners and general contractors are welcoming this second set of eyes to help keep projects on schedule.

The bottom line: it is imperative commissioning agents continue to work together with stakeholders.