Stop by ACG Booth 911 at SAME Joint Engineer Training Conference & Expo (May 7-9, Tampa, FL)


ACG is a non-profit association dedicated to the advancement of independent third-party building commissioning, comprising the world’s largest body of certified commissioning personnel. The CxA program is accredited by ANSI, and is recognized by the Department of Energy’s Better Buildings® Workforce Guidelines program, ensuring that the CxA is considered an approved commissioning credential for all federally funded projects.

Learn about the upcoming Commissioning (CxA) Workshop & Exam on June 21-22, Kansas City, MO. The highly interactive, 2-day workshop covers all aspects of commissioning ranging from project management to functional testing, and both new and existing building commissioning. Instructors lead many group breakout activities where attendees will use project case studies to develop and discuss samples of key commissioning deliverables.

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Robert Knoedler, PE, CxA, EMP will deliver technical presentation “Energy – Resiliency and Reliability Challenges for this Critical Infrastructure” on Thursday, May 9.

While the government continues to debate “infrastructure” funding, both utilities and private institutions are evaluating the numerous challenges and threats associated with the grid to improve its hardening and the resiliency of their service. Their approaches include numerous risk assessments in an effort to prioritize where limited capital funds should be channeled. While public utilities seek ways to increase their grid’s reliability; various institutions explore ways to reduce their dependence on the grid through incorporation of CHP facilities, integration of renewable energy sources, and microgrid technology. This presentation will explore various steps being taken and how energy managers and new technologies can assist in the evaluation and analysis of various alternatives to improve the reliability of the ‘most critical infrastructure’.

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