2006 Presentations

High Performance Buildings 2006

We are pleased to make available for download the presentations that were delivered at High Performance Buildings 2006, co-sponsored by ACG and AABC on April 5-7 at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas. We hope you will join us next year!

  • TAB & Cx for Sustainability

    Larry Spielvogel, P.E.

    Click here to download (2.24 MB)

  • Energy Management in a Resource – Starved Environment

    Channing Starke, Advanced Air Technologies

    Click Here to Download (1.24 MB)

  • Effective Commissioning Proposals

    Rebecca Ellis, Questions & Solutions Engineering Inc.

    Click Here to Download (7.32 MB)

  • What Constitutes a Quality Commissioning Job

    Panel Discussion – Mike Coyne & Rusty Ross – SSRCx
    Mark Leafstedt – TestMarcx; Brian Toevs – BETA Engineers

    Click Here to Download (1.08 MB)

  • What the Specifications Ask When Testing the Control Systems

    Gaylon Richardson, Engineered Air Balance Co. Inc.

    Click Here to Download (197 KB)

  • Univ of Minn Commissioning – Lessons Learned

    Jay Denny, University of Minnesota

    Click Here to Download (114 KB)

  • EMC RetroCx for Energy Efficiency

    Tom Poeling, EMC. Engineers

    Click Here to Download (2.71 MB)

  • Applications Using Energy Star Programs

    Scott Serota, NAESCO

    Click Here to Download (5.69 MB)

  • Acceptance Testing for Energy Efficiency Standards – Title 24

    Tav Commins, California Energy Commission

    Click Here to Download (3.69 MB)

  • Thermography – Applications and Insights

    Lance Rock, United Environmental Services, Inc.

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Comprehensive testing and balancing (TAB) and functional performance testing are vital to the commissioning process. It is therefore recommended that certified, independent testing specialists perform this work on all commissioning projects.

The Associated Air Balance Council (AABC) is a nonprofit association of certified, independent test and balance engineers, who by definition are qualified to provide specialized testing services on commissioning projects.
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