2010 Presentations

The 6th Annual Conference on Total Building Commissioning

April 14-16, 2010

Mandalay Bay Resort & Casino – Las Vegas, NV

  • Wednesday, April 14, 2010

    CxA Workshop

    Jim Magee, CxA, Facility Commissioning Group

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  • Thursday, April 15, 2010

    AABC Energy Management Program

    Andrew Heitman, CEM, CxA | Chairman, AABC Energy Management Committee | Building Energy Sciences, LLC

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  • Making the Business Case for RetroCommissioning

    Evan Mills, Ph.D., | Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory

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  • ASHRAE Building Energy Quotient Labeling Program

    Bruce D. Hunn | Director of Strategic Technical Programs, ASHRAE

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  • Friday, April 16, 2010

    ASHRAE 189.1: What Does it Mean for Commissioning Providers?

    Kent W. Peterson, P.E., LEED AP | Chairman, 189.1 Committee, P2S Engineering

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  • Building Envelope Commissioning

    Kevin Knight & John Runkle | P.E., Architectural Testing, Inc

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  • Action-Oriented Energy Benchmarking

    Evan Mills, Ph D | Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory

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  • Insurance for Commissioning Professionals: Risks and Solutions

    Diane Mika | XL Specialty Insurance Company

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Comprehensive testing and balancing (TAB) and functional performance testing are vital to the commissioning process. It is therefore recommended that certified, independent testing specialists perform this work on all commissioning projects. The Associated Air Balance Council (AABC) is a nonprofit association of certified, independent test and balance engineers, who by definition are qualified to provide specialized testing services on commissioning projects. Click here for a listing of AABC members.