2015 Presentations



2015 Presentations

CxEnergy 2015 Conference

  • April 27-30, 2015
     Green Valley Ranch Resort, Henderson, NV

  • Wednesday, April 29

    Exploring ASHRAE 90.4P, Energy Standard for Data Centers & Telecommunications Buildings

    Jeff Sloan, P.E., LEED AP

    McKinstry Co.

    High Performance Green Buildings Standard Update: ASHRAE 189.1-2014
    Tom Lawrence, Ph. D., P.E., LEED AP
    ASHRAE TAC Vice Chair & Distinguished Lecturer

  • Back to School: Commissioning for Institutional Clients
    Robert Tandy
    University of Iowa

    Fundamentals of Test & Balance for Engineers, Cx & Energy Providers
    Brian Venn, TBE
    Mechanical Testing, Inc.
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Commissioning of Human Centric Lighting Systems

Howard Wolfman, P.E.
Lumispec Consulting, University of Illinois at Chicago

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How Energy Codes are Changing the Shape of Architecture

Brian Lomel, P.E., LEED AP, CxA

TLC Engineering for Architecture

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Energy Modeling for the Life of Your Building

Clark Denson, P.E., CEM, BEMP


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TAB & Commissioning Working Together: Verifying Control Systems

Gaylon Richardson, TBE, CxA, Engineered Air Balance Co., Inc.
Justin Garner, TBE, CxA, Engineered Air Balance Co., Inc.

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LED Lighting: Technology Selection and System Commissioning

Michael Chow, P.E., CxA, LEED AP
Metro CD Engineering

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Commissioning without Borders: International Commissioning in the 21st Century

Kim Reitterer, P.E., LEED AP
Elm Engineering, Inc.

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Converting an Old Building into an Intelligent Building

Leo O’Loughlin, P.E., MBA, Jones Lang LaSalle
Harry Sim, MS, MBA, Cypress Envirosystems

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The Architect’s Role in the Commissioning Process

Michael Chelednik, AIA, AECOM
Daniel J. Acri, TBE, CxA, President, Associated Air Balance Council (AABC)

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The Art of Water Reuse and Optimization in a World of Diminishing Water Supply

Frank Ladd


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Building Enclosure Commissioning: LEED v4’s Envelope Commissioning – An OPR Design Charrette

Maurya McClintock, LEED AP, MCC Facades

Stevan Vinci, LEED AP, Morrison Hershfield

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Having the End in Mind: Contracting for Success for Commissioning and Beyond

Melissa Beutler, Esq., Big-D Construction

Brian Perlberg, Esq., Association of General Contractors

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Owner Project Requirement (OPR) Workshop

Jorge Torres Coto, P.E., LEED AP, CxA

Empirical Engineering

The City Energy Project

Hilary Firestone

Los Angeles Mayor’s Office of Sustainability

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Building Envelope Commissioning and Building Diagnostic Testing: Case Studies

Dan Adam, AIA, CxA, Facility Commissioning Group

Jim Magee, CxA, EMP, LEED AP, Facility Commissioning Group

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Identifying, Evaluating and Integrating Financing into Efficiency Proposals

Michael Park, MBA, Noesis Energy

Josh Duncan, Noesis Energy

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  • Thursday, April 30

    Building Pressure and Flow Diagnostic Applications Opportunities

    Colin Genge

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    Commissioning in the Real World: A Case Study

    Melvin Hidayat, P.E., LEED AP, CEM

    Siemens Industry

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    Fenestration Energy Performance Rating Label

    Tom Herron, MBA, LEED GA

    National Fenestration Rating Council

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    Using Big Data Analysis as Part of the Commissioning Process

    Rick Rodriguez

    Siemens Industry

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    The Hive: The Future of Smart Building Technologies

    Brandy Moore, CEM, PMP

    Schneider Electric

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    Data Center Commissioning: What You Need to Know

    Judson Adams, P.E., CxA

    Power Management Corporation

    Fault Detection & Diagnostics in Small & Large Commercial Buildings

    Guanjing Lin, PhD, Commercial Building Systems Group

    Lawrence Berkley National Laboratory

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    Commissioning and Energy Management Bring Efficiency and Savings to School Campus: A Case Study

    Andy Heitman, CxA, EMP, CEM, CEA

    Building Energy Sciences, LLP

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    Commissioning Grid-Tied Solar Photovoltaic Systems

    Ruth Page-Nelson

    Smart North America, Inc.