2011 Presentations



2011 Presentations

The 7th Annual Conference on Total Building Commissioning

April 13-15, 2011

Four Seasons Hotel – St. Louis, Missouri

  • Thursday, April 14

    Keynote Address:
    Smart Buildings and the Future of Commissioning

    Michael Rogers, “The Practical Futurist®”

    Video only, no presentation used. Click here to purchase the full conference DVD proceedings.

  • LEED® 2012 Proposed Cx Requirements

    H. Jay Enck, CxAP | Commissioning & Green Building Solutions, Inc.

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  • Existing Buildings: The Energy Investment Analysis

    Andrew Heitman, CxA | Building Energy Sciences, LLC

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  • Building Envelope/ Enclosure Commissioning

    Fiona Aldous | Wiss, Janney, Elstner Associates, Inc. (WJE)

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  • Software Solutions for Ongoing Commissioning

    John Pitcher | Scientific ConservationTM

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  • Commissioning Healthcare Facilities

    Steven “Rusty” Ross, P.E., CxA | SSRCx, Inc.

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  • Friday, April 15

    Lighting Control Commissioning

    Kostas Papamichael, PhD | California Lighting Technology Center
    Francis Rubinstein, PhD | Building Technologies Center Lawrence Berkeley National Lab

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  • Measurement & Verification: Procedures and Methods

    Baskar Subbarao, P.E., CxA, CMVP | Zodiac International, Inc.

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  • Commissioning Active Chilled Beams

    Darren Alexander, P.Eng. | Twa Panel Systems, Inc.

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Comprehensive testing and balancing (TAB) and functional performance testing are vital to the commissioning process. It is therefore recommended that certified, independent testing specialists perform this work on all commissioning projects.


The Associated Air Balance Council (AABC) is a nonprofit association of certified, independent test and balance engineers, who by definition are qualified to provide specialized testing services on commissioning projects.
Click here for a listing of AABC members.