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Ensuring Proper Airflow: Best Practices for Hospital Air Balancing Planning & Coordination
Miles Ryan, PE and Molly Meyer, PE, Questions & Solutions Engineering


Percussive Maintenance Podcast: Predicting the Probability of Airborne Cross Infections with Raj Setty, CxA

Raj Setty, CxA, Setty & Associates


Maintaining Profit Through Strategic Facility Decisions

Dave Camden, PMP, CxA, Affiliated Engineers, Inc.


Mechanical Maverick: Mark Gelfo

Published by Engineered Systems


Commissioning emergency power systems

Jesse Felter, SSRCx and Mark Gelfo, CxA, EMP, TLC Engineering Solutions


Setting the Stage: Preconstruction HVAC Surveys Help Guide Success in Hospital HVAC Projects
Nathan Culley, TBE, CxA, Penn Air Control, Inc.


“Engineering Success with Drones, 3D Scanning, and More”

Brian Venn, CxA, TBE, Mechanical Testing, Inc.


How to Select A Pressure Independent Control Valve

Brian Venn, CxA, TBE,Mechanical Testing, Inc. and Bob Walker, Belimo


Evolving Commissioning Requirements in Building Efficiency
Scott West, PE, LEED AP and Greg Schluterman, PE, CxA, LEED AP, HFA Interview with Troy Byers, CxA, ACG President

(published by


Correct Set-Up and Balancing of a VAV Air-Handling System
Vern Gray, TBE, CxA, The Phoenix Agency, Inc.


Recommendations for Periodic Testing, Adjusting and Balancing of Existing Buildings
Gaylon Richardson, CxA, Engineered Air Balance Co., Inc.


Energy Improvements Aim High
Robert K. Calloway, PE, CxA, Global Facility Solutions, LLC


Mechanical Marvels: Justin Garner
Herb Woerpel, Engineered Systems


Mechanical Marvel: Wade Conlan
Herb Woerpel, Engineered Systems


Ask an Expert: ACG Member Provides Input on COVID-19
Justin Garner, P.E., TBE, CxA, Engineered Air Balance Co., Inc.


4 Building Analytics Strategies for COVID-19 Building Operations
Jessica Wilson and Derek John Mullassery, CopperTree Analytics


Commissioning Guideline Offers Best Practices, Approaches
Brian Marsh, P.E., Smith Seckman Reid Inc.


Indoor Air Quality in the COVID-19 Era: Commissioning & Construction Considerations
Raj Setty, PE, CxA, LEED AP, Setty and Michael Wolf, PE, CxA, LEED AP, Farnsworth Group, Inc.


The Blueprint: ASHRAE Epidemic Taskforce’s Troy Byers
Herb Woerpel, Engineered Systems


In Challenging and Uncertain Times, Turn to the ‘Authorities in Building Performance’
Christina Koch, retrofit magazine


Finding Our Way: Take the Established Success Path for Implementing Building Analytics
Rob Glance, BuildingFit/ETC Group


Commissioning During COVID-19 Crisis
Troy Byers, TBE, CxA, Commissioning Consultants, LLP (ACG President 2020 – present) 


Email Interview – Steven “Rusty” Ross and Ken Sinclair
Steven “Rusty” Ross, CxA, EMP, SSRCx (ACG President 2016-2020)


Leading Trade Groups Head West for 2020 Conference & Expo
Kari Embree, Distributed Energy


EMA Celebrates Energy Efficiency Day by Offering Free Resource
Ed Armstrong, Energy Management Association


The Future of Commissioning and Energy Management: Forward Together
Laura Sanchez, Distributed Energy